Incredible Cause and Effect Essay Topics 

Cause and effect of write my essay is a form of writing in which a writer determines and analyzes the reasons behind a scenario and its effects. This essay, in general terms, identifies the patterns that lead to an event or a scenario and explain why things turned out in specific ways.  


When writing a cause and effect essay for academics it is very important to get it right as your grading depends on it. Professionals say that to successfully draft an essay, choose a strong topic. If your topic is strong and interesting, only then you will be able to write a compelling essay. If you still wishing if anyone can “write my essay for me”, then take help from professionals and experts. 



Choosing the right topic for your essay can be really daunting. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered some really exceptional topics for your cause and effect essay:


  1. IQ can be increased by playing videogames as well. 
  2. For better immunity, be optimistic.
  3. Social media can improve communication and evaluating skills
  4. To have a better married relationship, live-in relationships are important. 
  5. To have a happier life and better choices, a college education is helpful. 
  6. Women are scared of making commitments due to feminism.
  7. Sibling rivalry results due to the attitude of parents.
  8. Destructive relationships are a result of inferiority complex in women
  9. Discrimination and racism are the effects of lack of education
  10. Fast and junk food are the major reasons behind obesity in teenagers. 
  11.  Degeneration of society is caused by mental pollution
  12. Accurate weather forecasting can avoid natural disasters. 
  13. Emotional stability cause stronger immunity
  14. Anorexia also results due to poor moral support of the family. 
  15. Eating disorders in females are a cause of false depiction of beauty in media. 
  16. Undue educational pressure on students influences their performance.  
  17. Major causes and effects of WWI 
  18. Minority groups find it hard to get a job because of the language barrier. 
  19. Effect of gender inequality in the UK
  20. Cause and effects of social change on teenagers. 
  21. An increase in crime rate is due to a lack of severe punishments. 
  22. Violent videogames cause disturbed behaviors of youngsters. 
  23. Emotional support animals can help people cope with their mental disabilities
  24. Multitasking can result in a high level of stress
  25. Disturbed sleep patterns of children are because they use smartphones way too much.  
  26. Major defects in the birth of a newborn are because of chain-smoking
  27. Passive smoking causes asthma and breathing problems as well. 
  28. Peer pressure encourages smoking behavior in children. 
  29. Heart and lungs are deeply affected by smoking 
  30. Exercising and a balanced diet can help reduce the level of stress in adults. 
  31. Strong peer relationships are a result of participating in sports. 
  32. For better productivity and performance, exercise is essential. 
  33. People’s interactive behavior is greatly influenced by the advancement of technology
  34. Personal relationships are improved by a good sense of humor. 
  35. To increase the ability to empathize, read fiction. 
  36. Hormonal changes cause mood swings in women
  37. Social media is a major cause behind depression and anxiety in teenagers
  38. Cognitive behaviors are influenced by sleeping disorders especially insomnia. 
  39. A good movie can leave a lasting impression on a person’s life-changing his entire thinking ability
  40. The one-child policy in China is harmful to family relationships.
  41. The brand image greatly depends on advertising.
  42. A student’s skills and traits depend on his choice of the institute. 
  43. Bad relationships of parents cause mental disabilities in children.
  44. Effects of the Civil Rights Movement 
  45. Effects of alcohol on the nervous system
  46. Effects of child abuse on a personality
  47. How the human body is affected by music
  48. Effects of growing up in poverty on thinking
  49. Causes and effects of telling a lie
  50. Effects of divorce on children 


These are some interesting topics from different fields that can be chosen to draft a cause and effect essay. If you still wishing if anyone can write my essay for me, then take help from professionals and essay writing service experts. 



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