Tips To Raise Essay Writing Standard

Teachers at high school give high importance to essay writing. It plays a vital role in grooming of students’ writing style as well as enhances their approach in solving problems in a significant way. Writing seems to be a burdensome job for some students while others enjoy themselves writing on different topics. A student who considers writing an essay a tiresome job, often thinks how I can write my essay which should be unique, attention grabber and outstanding and ultimately he struggles while doing so.


             Essay is a short piece of writing in which a writer gives his opinions regarding the topic. A professional writer tries his level best to write essay for me to persuade the reader through his writing content. It is never easy to convince a reader unless he writes a top-notch essay. Moreover, writing top-tier content is not as simple as ABC. A writer has to work very hard and put his efforts in the right direction to do so.  Those students who don’t have a firm grip on writing good content often struggle while writing essays.


             It is noticeable that becoming a top-echelon writer is not a one day job. Although the tips and basic rules of writing a handy content may seem simple and easy to you, yet it is a time taking process.  Well, if you also feel that writing an essay is a tough job, you must follow some basic, easy and simple tips mentioned in the next paragraph in order to raise your writing standard.



  First of all, it is imperative to mention here that all writers, especially the neophyte ones, must know the importance of using grammar in the correct way. Use of grammar is the foremost and basic factor in structuring a sentence. No essay writer can make his writings presentable and up to the mark if he does not know the correct use of grammar. One more thing, if learning grammar seems to you as a piece of cake, you’re highly mistaken then. Grammar of every language is big in size and hence time consuming to learn. The best way to study all the grammar rules is to learn each rule daily and then apply it in your writing.


             Moreover, as a newbie and a struggling writer, let me assure you that a writer with vast vocabulary always writes extraordinary remarkable content each time he writes an essay. It is necessary to develop reading habits on a daily basis to build up vocabulary. A writer with a large collection of words is always convenient in expressing his thoughts, ideas and feelings in a more impressive way.


             In addition, all the writers at the initial stage of writing must adopt reading and writing habits in or

der to polish their writing skills. Reading content written by others on several topics helps in diversifying the writing style of a writer to a larger extent. Moreover, reading and then rewriting that particular written topic in one’s own words play a vital role in subduing weak areas and mistakes as well. Therefore, a struggling writer or a student at his initial stage of writing must keep this thing in his mind that reading and writing are inextricably linked with each other.


             Furthermore, don’t forget to use power words while writing an essay. They leave a good impact on the reader's mind and keep them strongly connected with the essay. They also play an important role of avoiding a reader to deviate from the content.


             It is also noticeable here that making standard size paragraphs is a good practice to follow. Each argument in the main body must be made in a separate paragraph which must not be way too long that a reader loses his interest in reading the essay.


All newcomers must not underestimate their writing skills and focus on improving them with the passage of time. Becoming a top-echelon essay writer free of cost is not an overnight job rather it demands determination, motivation and persistence by a struggling writer. 




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