How To Write An Award Winning Essay

             Many students often struggle in writing a handy essay. Writing seems to be a daunting affair to them and they avoid themselves from any kind of writing composition. Essay writing is one of the most essential parts of academic studies and is the last resort for students because teachers assign them many writing tasks related to essays. They can’t ask others to write my essay for me each time when their teachers ask them to do so.

             Essay writing is a genre of writing in which a student has to elaborate the topic in a convincing way. It has a defined structure which has to be strictly followed by all the students. Well, if you’re looking forward to writing top-notch essays, you’ve to follow some basic tips and techniques which are mentioned below.

1)       Focus on sentence structuring. It is a process of presenting a sentence in an appropriate and appealing way.

2)      Don’t underestimate the robust role of reading and writing any kind of content on a daily basis. Both are tightly linked with each other.

3)      Pay full attention in learning grammar rules. It helps a writer to compose the error free content.

4)      Compare your writings to that of professional writers. It will give you various ideas to improve your writing skills.

5)      Try to write different kinds of essays so that you can have flexibility in your writing style. Once you adopt the skill of presenting your thoughts, views and opinions in different ways, you will become a diversified writer and be able to produce any kind of content in an extraordinary way.

6)      Don’t use the same words time and again in one composition.

The afore-mentioned tips are of high importance as they assist a writer to enhance their writing style and quality to the optimum level. It is noticeable here that a writer with good writing skills can write a remarkable and a top-tier essay writing service. Now there are some more tips and techniques which must be adopted by you to write an unforgettable and superb essay. Only writing style is not enough to write a brilliant essay. Essay writing has its own mechanics which have to be followed by everyone. Without following this structure the writing content, no matter how unique and informative that is, loses its worth. So,let's have a look at those tips also.

1)      First of all, a writer has to follow the essay structure that is


 It has to be concise and must be tightly related to the topic only.

    Main Body:

 It is the lengthiest section of essay writing in which an author has to illustrate the main idea in order to persuade the reader according to his point of view. Once you adopt the skill of presenting your thoughts, views and opinions in different ways, you will become a diversified essay writer and be able to produce any kind of content in an extraordinary way.


It is that part of the essay where a writer has to sum up the whole discussion in a fruitful way.


2)      The Introductory paragraph consists of                             

  1.       Opening Statement: It has to be very strong and attractive in order to lure reader’s interest to read the essay. It is also referred to as a hook statement which is further divided into various types.
  2.     Thesis Statement:

It is one of the most essential statements in essay writing. It is the central idea of whole writing. It must be strong enough to push the reader to read the complete essay so that he can understand the topic vividly written by an essay typer.

3)      Make transitions between arguments in a smooth way.

4)      Use up to the mark and authentic examples to prove your opinion.

5)      Avoid over explaining a concept.

6)      Don’t make a vicious cycle while explaining any kind of asked question or a problem in the topic.

7)      Show your clear stance on a particular issue.

8)      Conclusion must not lead towards more queries. It must be to the point and concrete.

I hope you’ll find this article helpful and follow all the mentioned tips in this article to write a top-echelon essay.




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